Emporium Eyewear ltd


Established over 15 years ago, Emporium Eyewear has grown into one of the leading distributors of eyewear in the UK. We have a reputation for delivering fantastic products at very competitive prices. From the outset, we have made sure that we use suppliers who share the same passion for quality that we do, and all our styles are developed by in-house designers who ensure our ranges are regularly refreshed with current market trends.

Over the past eight years, Emporium Eyewear has become the largest distributor of children eyewear in the UK with leading brands such as Batman, Superman, Barbie, Justice League and No Fear. We love designing styles that kids are excited to wear.

Please inquire about our Own Label frame and case opportunities which allow customers to sell their uniquely branded products without having to invest large resources. We remove all the headaches associated with direct importing.

Our export department has customers in over 30 different countries. If you have a market for frames, we will definitely have a frame for your market.